PlameGate is So Yesterday

The National Review was barely commenting upon PlameGate until the White House distributed its talking points (excuse me – I meant pack of lies) and then we received a barrage of silliness from these erstwhile patriots. But all of a sudden, their silly stories disappeared and the comments from The Corner stopped dead in their tracks right after 10:30 EDT yesterday. If I did not know better, President Bush rushed forward a Supreme Court nomination.

Before the marching orders were sent to NRO that PlameGate would no longer be discussed, Cliff May wrote:

Isn’t it the Wilson team that is moving the goal posts? Initially, this story was about an orchestrated government conspiracy to feed reporters misleading information so as to intentionally expose a top secret CIA agent in order to damage a whistle-blower and intimidate others. Now this story is about whether Karl Rove answered a question from a reporter truthfully, regarding a false claim made by Wilson who didn’t conduct a serious investigation into anything, and whose wife may or may not have been undercover in recent years. Reporters are outraged that Rove didn’t hide from them what he knew to be the facts, didn’t say: “Sorry, I can’t comment” – which is, of course, what Washington reporters always hope to hear from their sources.

I guess such misinformation is the reason KLo linked to bit of insulting nonsense. Just in case, KLo fails to appreciate what we are trying to say, let me suggest that the public is well informed in spite of the National Review’s best efforts to distort this issue.