Social Security: GOP Split

Let’s compare two stories. One seems to have Bush admitting he’s a divider:

“I fully recognize some in Washington, you know, don’t particularly want to address this issue,” Bush said in an auditorium at Greece Athena Middle and High School. I recognize some of them say, `Well, this is, this is a partisan thing. You know, we don’t want to make one party look good at the expense of another.”

Actually, there are sensible members of both parties who are both rejecting President Bush’s rhetoric and strong arm tactics and are looking for sensible reform. One of them is Senator Lindsey Graham:

[Hardball’s Chris] MATTHEWS: Social Security, do you think the president‘s plans for some kind of personal accounts has a better shot now?
GRAHAM: It has a shot versus no shot. And watch this group of 14 to come out with some deal for Social Security.
GRAHAM: Just keep watching.
MATTHEWS: So you think this bipartisan approach may have legs?
GRAHAM: I think this bipartisan approach will be embraced by the American people, will eventually be understood by the conservative and liberal world, and we‘re creating an environment for problem solving.

It’s about time that these folks take back their party.

Update: Howard Gleckman wonders what the details of a bipartisan compromise might look like. Short version: modest benefit cuts especially for higher income workers as well as more payroll taxes paid by this group plus add-ons but no carve-outs.