Luskin v. Luskin on Wexler’s Social Security Proposal

When Senator Frist brought up the nomination of Priscilla Owen, Senator Kennedy asked if this was the same Priscilla Owen that Attorney General Gonzales had accused of judicial activism. When Mark Thoma critiqued this NRO op-ed written by Donald Luskin:

On Monday, Florida congressman Robert Wexler broke ranks with fellow Democrats by offering a plan to reform Social Security. Amazing! After months of party-line stonewalling, Wexler made a gesture of bipartisanship. And yet there hasn’t been one solitary word about it in the “paper of record,” the New York Times. This is big news. Why the silent treatment from the liberal media?

I have to wonder if it is the same Donald Luskin who wrote this.

Further down, the NRO Luskin also wrote:

First, Social Security is already running a surplus – it takes in more in taxes each year than it will pay out in benefits (it will do so until 2017).

Now the person who wrote this line can’t be the same person who claimed the Trust Fund’s crisis date hits around 2011 – right?