Look Who is Attacking Lindsey Graham

I have never been a fan of Lindsey Graham but the enemy of my enemy – well you know the drill. Graham once endorse the same kind of ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ plan for privatization that James DeMint is pushing. But now that he is uttering the suggestion of tax rate increases, DeMint has turned on his colleague. This line from the local news story is oddly put:

But Lindsey Graham is willing to raise taxes to keep the 70-year-old retirement program solvent, something Jim DeMint strongly opposes.

Something he opposes? Was Raju Chebium saying DeMint opposes solvency or just tax increases?

Another local newspaper quotes NRO’s Tom Nugent:

“I don’t know who Graham hires to advise him on economics,” said Hilton Head’s Tom Nugent, a contributing editor at the online version of the conservative National Review magazine, “but as far as I’m concerned, they should be referred to as Graham Crackers.”

No, no, no – I must resist, as Nugent is far too easy a target. I’m not endorsing anything that comes from the office of Senator Graham just yet, but let’s put to rest the absurdity that the Bush cheerleaders are hoping to find some bipartisan compromise. After all, those Republicans who dare try to cross the aisle are being eaten alive for doing so.