Did Former Democratic Presidents Support the Bush Social Security Plan?

For the brazen dishonesty from the privatization crowd about what FDR said, see Kevin Drum. For the brazen dishonesty from the same crowd about what Clinton said, see Joshua Marshall.

Now it turns out that the Club for Growth blog even lies about what their own allies are saying about what Clinton said as Kerry Kerstetter yesterday linked to this and writes:

… how receptive some of the very same Dems who are now opposing us were back in the late 1990s to the idea of diverting some of the Social Security taxes into personal savings accounts. What’s changed since then? Has the solvency of Social Security gotten any better?

So Media Research Center distorts what these Democrats said – and then Kerry distorts what MRC wrote. But the case for the alleged insolvency of Social Security is often cast in terms of when the reserves go to zero under the most pessimistic assumptions. In the late 1990’s, this date was 2029 and not it’w 2042. Had Kerry bother to read more of Kevin Drum, he would not have needed to ask this question.