Some Friendly Advise for Ramesh Ponnuru and the National Review

Ramesh Ponnuru writes: “I don’t read [DeLong’s] blog very much”.

But Ramesh – you should as Brad strives to present the insights from economists both liberal and conservative. Maybe limiting your horizon to the Kudlow-Luskin-Moore axis of mendacity and stupidity is a mistake.

You might start by sharing the latest insights from Max Sawicky with John Hood. Shorter Max: the actual agenda of the Bush Administration and its allies at the National Review is to redistribute the tax burden away from capital income and towards deferred employment tax increases. You know this, we know this – just admit it, assuming you are remotely interested in an honest discussion.

Now I think the readers of the National Review deserve better than being treated like stupid little children – as in too stupid to know the Kudlow-Luskin-Moore axis are not being honest with them. Now I have this three-part solution: (1) fire Kudlow-Luskin-Moore; (2) promote Bruce Bartlett to economic editor; and (3) let Bruce bring in like minded conservatives with both intelligence and integrity.