Social Security: Barefoot and Naked Orders PGL to Step on the Bus

When someone is right, let’s say so:

A liberal who is not chicken-shit would say that we only need extned the payroill tax to cover income up to $110K. This one change would make social security solvent for 75 years, and it spares the middle class a benefit cut. Yeah, I said it: Tax the rich! Faced with a choice of taxing the top quintile of wealth in this country or cutting benefits to the bottom 80%, a real liberal says tax the wealthy bastards. Whats the matter? Scared of political fight with Tom Delay and Bill Frist?

Why do I think this is sage advice? I could point out that my post that prompted this was calling President Bush on his mendacity. But let me turn to the normally moderate Kevin Drum who writes:

DON’T-BRING-A-KNIFE-TO-A-GUN-FIGHT DEPARTMENT….ShorterDigby: what we need to fight Social Security privatization is Harry and Louise, Mark II. This is pretty much the conclusion I’m coming to as well.

Yes, playing nice with the Bush-Delay-Frist crowd is indeed bringing knife to a gun fight. But this was Sean Connery’s line in the Untouchables. Little did his character know that the knife carrying bad dude was being backed up with another bad dude ready to shoot him full of lead. And given the number of rightwingers who are willing to say just about anything to steal our retirement funds, this is not a gun fight we are in. It’s full scale Class Warfare. And it’s time we say so.