Johan Goldberg on Serious Scholars at NRO

Johan Goldberg’s latest over at National Review Online had one line I just could not resist:

By my very rough guess, since 9/11 National Review Online and National Review have run probably 500 articles from serious scholars to folks like me …

The topic was Peter Beinart’s A Fighting Faith, which has received various reviews and comments from Kevin Drum and Duncan Black. I’m glad Johan is paying attention to a very interesting debate among Peter, Kevin, and Duncan. But there is two aspects of the above line that I have to ponder about:

Does “folks like me” = partisan hacks? And maybe it is because I tend to read only those “economic” opeds from NRO – but I have yet to see a “serious scholar” contribute anything to NRO. Unless Johan thinks Lawrence Kudlow is telling the truth and Stephen Moore …no, I’ll stop as what I have to say is just too obvious.