Jack Snow to stay at Treasury

When I heard this news, I was looking for someone to say the obvious reason why Bush wants Snow to stay and AP’s Scott Lindlaw obliged:

In February 2003, Snow replaced Paul O’Neill, whose blunt talking style – and open reservations about the wisdom of large tax cuts – irked the White House. Snow has proved a forceful advocate of the president’s economic policies, notably big tax cuts, on Wall Street and Main Street. He took the Treasury post when the economy and the job market were struggling to recover from the 2001 recession, the Sept. 11 attacks and corporate accounting scandals. During the 2004 presidential campaign, Snow traveled constantly, especially to the most contested states, promoting administration economic policies. On some occasions, his comments had repercussions. In a visit to Ohio near the end of the campaign, he said the notion that job losses were Bush’s fault was a myth.

Shorter Scott – the former member of the Concord Coalition wears those Bush cheerleader outfits quite nicely. Of course, that used to not be the job of the Treasury Secretary. Ahem.