Mary Matalin: Keynesian or Flip-Flopper?

After Mary Matalin claimed on Meet the Press that: (a) Bush ran on a clearly articulated agenda; (b) that it was the Democrats who said outrageous things during the campaign; (c) that we Democrats demonized Christians and treat then with disdain and contempt; (d) we Democrats have a disdain for the democratic process and (e) we are for partial birth abortions, she touts “tax relief” as one of Bush’s accomplishment. Mindful that someone might mention the large and rising deficits, she says:

The deficit as a percentage of GDP is historically not just manageable, but below what it’s been in previous recessionary periods. So this economy is growing, 14 straight months, over two million jobs. It’s a great economy, better than it was even in the Clinton years.

Well, which is it Mary? Are we in a deep recession, which is causing the massive and rising deficits? Or is the economy roaring? Actually, we are below full employment but the long-run projections of the Federal budget show large expected future deficits even if we return to full employment. But give her credit for contradicting herself in just two sentences!