Dianne Feinstein for Senate Minority Leader

Chris Dodd has apparently pulled out of the running and Harry Reid may be the leading choice for now.

Amy Sullivan and Kevin Drum explosives are having a great discussion on who should replace Tom Daschle over at Political Animal. Besides Dodd and Reid, Kevin’s list includes Senators Kerry, Clinton, and Durbin. Amy makes two very good points:

But it is clear that Senate Democrats simply cannot afford to have a leader who hails from a hardcore red state… Democrats can’t choose a leader so liberal that they simply feed into the “Ted-Kennedy-tax-and-spend” stereotype.

If Kerry wishes to be his name forward, he’d be a great choice. Maybe I have a California bias but another blue state moderate would be Dianne Feinstein. In fact, she’d make a good choice for our nomination for the White House in 2008 IMO.