Bring Your Umbrella

For the most part, I agree with Kash’s election projections. New Mexico could also go Kerry’s way. If voters decide, once they get their hands on they stylus/pencil/screen, that they really can’t take four more years of the same thing, then add AZ, MO, CO and WV to the win column (not likely, but on the outer edge of feasible). If things go badly for Kerry, then we can blame the residents of OH, FL, and PA.

Speaking of Ohio, the forecast calls for rain. So if you live there, bring your umbrella, then loan it to your neighbor. If you have any extra umbrellas, you might want to loan them to your friends. Or bring them to the polls to loan to your fellow citizens as they wait in line.

Most of all, vote.


P.S. If you know any undecided voters, or swayable Bush voters, in Ohio, be sure they see this.

P.P.S. Undecideds everywhere should read Kash’s excellent series, Reasons to Vote for Kerry, which is now archived in the Topics section in the left menu bar.