Missing Explosives: 1% or 40%?

One of the Bush cheerleader excuses for the 377 tons of missing explosives from Al Qaqaa was that this was only 1% of the total amount of explosives in Iraq since we recovered 400,000 tons of explosives. Jesse Taylor mocks this argument with Math is Fun.

But this news suggests the rightwingers have the math wrong:

But with the names of other sites popping up everywhere — al-Mahaweel, Baqouba, Ukhaider, Qaim — experts say the al-Qaqaa stash is only a tiny fraction of what’s buried in the sands of Iraq.“There is something truly absurd about focusing on 377 tons,” said Anthony Cordesman, a defense analyst and Iraq expert with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. He contends Iraq’s prewar stockpiles “were probably in excess of 650,000 tons.”