If You Can’t Win on the Issues…

It seems that Republican political operatives have come to the conclusion that they can’t win this election on the issues. So what can they do to try to win this election anyway?

Well, there are several options remaining. First, you can lie about your opponent. Second, you can use your control over the media to uneven the playing field in ways that abuse the public trust. Third, use petty theft to restrict the free speech of your opponents. Fourth, you can try to make it harder for people who don’t vote Republican to participate in the democratic process. If that doesn’t work, you can defraud Democrats outright of their right to vote. And of course, there’s always the option of generating illegal ballots in your favor.

Note: If Democrats were doing any or all of these things, I’d be upset as well. But (in this election cycle, at least) all of the illegal activities seem to be generated by Republicans, for some reason. My conclusion is that it’s because they’ve ceded the issues to the Democrats, and therefore are concentrating their efforts on these less savory tactics.

So while Kerry is in pretty good shape according to the polls, this election remains far from over.