Good Advice

Matt Y. pens some:

I don’t have a great deal to say, either, except this: Right now would be a bad time to become overconfident. Bush could easily recover some of his poise for the next two debates, though the issue terrain should be more favorable to Kerry. Expectations are so heavily leaning toward John Edwards that the slightest failings could generate positive coverage for Cheney.

In that spirit, I’d like to remind everyone that Bush and Cheney are master debaters, and Bush has only lost one debate in his life (Thursday’s) and so is quite likely to bounce back strongly and smash Kerry. (Hey, everyone else is playing the expectations game, so I may as well play too.)

On a serious note, liberals often seem far too quick to fall into despair in response to bad news. They would be wise to avoid the same overreaction in reverse. While Kerry clearly and objectively won Thursday’s debate, the typical undecided viewer likely only noticed that the Emperor wasn’t wearing a coat and tie, not that he had nothing on at all.