I was jonesing for some internet access, so I bought a WiFi card and now I’m typing from Starbucks. Starbucks uses TMobile, which charges $29.99/month with a 1-year contract. That seems a bit high to me, especially given that I’ve heard that there are free WiFi spots all over the place.

So a question to my wireless readers: is the $360/year worth it? Is there some better option I should know about? Reply in comments or email angrybear@gmail.com.



UPDATE. The instructions on the card don’t seem to mention this issue: Can I hot swap the 802.11g card? Or do I have to shut down and reboot every time? Or are the cards sturdy enough to just leave it sticking out of my laptop? Or should I just leave the laptop on, and stop and remove the device as needed (as I would with, e.g., a removeable DVD drive)?