U.S. intelligence pessimistic on Iraq future

U.S. intelligence pessimistic on Iraq future

From this MSNBC story:

Estimate contrasts Bush statements, says civil war possible

WASHINGTON – A highly classified National Intelligence Estimate assembled by some of the government’s most senior analysts this summer provided a pessimistic assessment about the future security and stability of Iraq. The National Intelligence Council looked at the political, economic and security situation in the war-torn country and determined — at best — the situation would be tenuous in terms of stability, a U.S. official said late Wednesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity. At worst, the official said, were “trend lines that would point to a civil war.” The official said it “would be fair” to call the document “pessimistic.”

We noted Monday that Joseph Biden has been saying the same thing as the National Intelligence Estimate and suggesting the Administration has been less than honest. This Estimate is also consistent with what Juan Cole has been writing.

Yet Suzanne Malveaux kept defending White House statements this morning even as Frederica Whitfield asked her:

this document really is a contradiction to what we’ve been hearing from President Bush, as well as his White House spokesperson Scott McClellan recently, saying that there is progress that’s being measured in Iraq. So, how is the White House responding to those questions now this morning?

Why is the White House press corp so timid about stating the obvious – the White House refuses to tell us the truth about Iraq?

Update: Matthew Yglesias writes:

The Continuing Declining of CNN: Why doesn’t Suzanne Malveaux just take a job in the White House press office if she’s going to file reports like this on the Iraq NIE?

Good catch Matthew!