Kerry Lays It Out

From the NYTimes a couple of hours ago:

In a tough-worded, focused attack, Senator John Kerry lashed out at the Bush administration today over tax policy, jobs, the economy and health care.

Mr. Bush has “created more excuses” than jobs, Mr. Kerry said in remarks prepared for delivery to the Detroit Economic Club. “His is the excuse presidency: never wrong, never responsible, never to blame,” Mr. Kerry said. “President Bush’s desk isn’t where the buck stops — it’s where the blame begins.”

He added, in his clearest terms yet of what he views as Mr. Bush’s lack of accountability: “He’s blamed just about everyone but himself and his administration for America’s economic problems. And if he’s missed you, don’t worry, he’s still got 48 days left until the election.”

Mr. Kerry went on: “At that convention in New York the other week, President Bush talked about his ownership society. Well Mr. President, when it comes to your record, we agree you own it.”

Mr. Bush has said the beginning of his presidency was hit by a recession and the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and Mr. Kerry acknowledged that not all economic ills can be laid at the door of Mr. Bush, or any president.

But he added: “He sure has a lot of excuses, but you know what? Of the last 11 presidents, many who faced war and recession, George Bush is the only one to actually lose jobs on his watch.”