Frivolous Lawsuits: Spinning the Cost to Health Care

Several blogs have noted the sad state of the American press as far as challenging blatant lies from this Administration. Sadly No challenges President Bush’s claim that junk lawsuits costs our economy $230 billion per year and links to this, which draws from a number of sources including a statistical compilation by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to note that malpractice premiums were less than $10 billion in 2002. But on Meet The Press this Sunday, Mary Matalin claimed:

But, more importantly, the president laid out very specific elements for health savings accounts, associated health plans, tort reform–there’s $100 billion lost to frivolous lawsuits–very specific elements to improve health care and Medicare in this country.

Tim Russert did not bother to challenge Matalin’s spin. Of course, she usually tells some big fat whoppers and Russert usually refuses to challenge her. Memo to NBC: Fire Russert and let Sadly No anchor MTP.