Dick Cheney jokes about Iraq

I was about to fire off a really angry post about Bush’s jokes on the political stump yesterday: something about Kerry having eight positions on Iraq when he should have been talking about how the NIE flat out contradicting his happy talk (shorter version: lies) about the situation in Iraq. But the email from the Kerry camp caught this from Cheney’s remarks in Reno yesterday:

Senator Kerry said today that leadership starts with telling the truth. But, see — (Laughter.) That’s not the laugh line. (Laughter.) The America people also know that true leadership requires the ability to make a decision. True leadership is sticking with the decision in the face of political pressure, and true leadership is standing for your principles regardless of your audience or your most recent political advisors. (Applause.) Senator Kerry today said he would always be straight with the American people on the good days and on the bad days. In Senator Kerry’s case, that means when the headlines are good, he’s for the war. And when his poll numbers are bad, he’s against it. (Laughter.)

Unbelievable from an Administration that bases almost every decision on what the political operatives want to do. But then I guess Dick Cheney thinks both war and integrity are laughing matters.

Incidentally, Bush was complaining about mixed signals to the insurgents. Bush has lied to the world about why we invaded Iraq, has undermanned the rebuilding efforts, has lied about the current situation, basically ignored Al Qaeda, and used war for domestic political purposes, and is currently avoided the tough tasks in the Iraq he has messed up. And he dares to talk about mixed signals?