Bush shows his “values” at the UN

There were three things that embarrassed me as an American about Bush’s trip to the UN. His speech to the General Assembly was bad enough, but Fred Kaplan’s Sweet Nothings covers the speech quite well.

That Bush told reporters the NIE report was only a guess and then lied about what it said was well covered by Mark Kleiman in Just Guessing.

I just wish to add this from his press conference:

Q: A couple of Republicans have raised some questions, as well, in the last couple days. Senator Hagel said that, “sharp analysis of our policies is required. We didn’t do that in Vietnam, to the point where we finally lost.” Senator McCain, you’re not being “as straight as we would want him to be,” about the situation in Iraq. What do you say to them?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Both Senators you quoted strongly want me elected as President.

So this President who has diverted resources from the real war on al Qaeda, insured even our allies don’t trust us, put so many of our soldiers in harm’s way for an effort that may be slipping away from us, and then is asked by a reporter about his dishonesty as to the real situation in Iraq is concerned primarily with who will vote for him in November?

This is the perfect metaphor for Bush’s entire Presidency. Only one question: why would any Senator – Democrat or Republican – want George W. Bush to remain as our President?