Bush Prosperity

According to Commerce Secretary Evans:

WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) –“Because of the tax cuts, this economy is very, very strong. We need to continue the tax cuts and that’s one thing the president will certainly be talking about on Thursday night when he comes to this convention floor.

The trends are very friendly. The economic trends continue to be our friends,” Evans said, “this economy continues to be very strong and get stronger and we are in the early stages of Bush prosperity.”

Boy, I’m sure glad to be living in a time of Bush Prosperity! In the past 3 1/2 years Bush Prosperity has brought us:

  • Median household incomes that have fallen by 3.5% (according to the Census Bureau)
  • 4.3 million more people in poverty (according to Census)
  • 1.1 million fewer people working in the US (according to the CES)
  • 2.2 million more people unemployed in the US (according to the CPS)
  • An extra $1.0 trillion in government debt (through October 2004)
  • A forecast of $1.8 trillion in additional government borrowing between 2005-2010 (according to the CBO)

And things are getting even better. We’re on the fast track to even greater Bush Prosperity! Consider this: over the past few months we’ve seen

  • job creation come to a virtual halt
  • income growth come to a virtual halt
  • housing prices in many markets peak and possibly start to fall
  • no progress on reining in health care costs
  • export growth stop

I’m sure all of these developments are setting the stage for greater wonders… all brought to you by Bush Prosperity!