Robert Novak: Another Bush/Swift Link?

Ben Ginsberg’s resignation may be the big story as far as linkages between Bush-Cheney and the infamous Swift Boat liars. Brad Delong notes the sad tale of how Robert Dole will say anything to help Bush in this campaign.

So what has been up with the fellow that Scooter Libby got to out a CIA operative? In this exchange over the Swift Boat lies with Al Hunt, Robert Novak fires off “You made a statement that there was nobody in the boat who was against him. Don’t be so sure of that”.

Now the transcript misses Novak’s self-assuredness that he knows something Hunt did not know. Now we find out the name of Novak’s mystery witness: Steve Gardner. Who is Steve Gardner?

This tells us all we need to know – as Gardner admitted that “he was not on the boat with Kerry during the incidents for which Kerry got his medals”.

No, I’m not surprised that Novak misleads again. But since we know Novak is a puppet of the Bush White House – so wouldn’t it be nice if he’d tell us who gave him this little leak?