Good News, Everyone!

The good news for me is that I’m going on vacation. The good news for you, the reader, is that in addition to the regular flow of excellent content from Kash and PGL, The Chef from Ragout has graciously agreed to fill in for me. If you’re not familiar with his work, you’ll get a good taste here over the next week, and of course at his blog indefinitely.

Here’s a brief introduction:

Ragout’s Chef is a PhD economist specializing in applied microeconomics who prefers not to find out if his nonacademic employer considers blogging a fireable offense. He’s not a real chef, but likes to cook. He’s not a real carpenter, but does make tables. Tables of numbers. He says his coolest accomplishments as an economist are being cited in a popular econometrics textbook and inspiring a French Masters Thesis. His blog is currently the most popular source of information about “Ragout,” according to Google.

More good news: our Friday poster, Karsten from CurryBlog, should be returning this week. I look forward to more of his Postcards from Old Europe. Welcome back!