Bush-Cheney: Lie, Divide & Conquer

John King notes the source of the sensitive remark that Dick Chcney has been criticizing John Kerry over – during CNN’s Newsnight 8/12/2004 edition:

KING: In a speech at issue a week ago, Senator Kerry vowed to destroy terrorist networks. And aides say by promising to be more sensitive he simply meant more diplomatic with other countries, much as President Bush used the term six weeks after taking office.

BUSH: Precisely because America is powerful, we must be sensitive about expressing our power and influence.

Another aspect of the Bush-Cheney strategy was noted during this edition of Newsnight:

Another Bush-Cheney strategy is daily questions about Senator Kerry’s vote in favor of the Iraq war. That is more risky. It was Mr. Bush who launched the war and nearly half of Americans now think it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq. But just among Democrats, 74 percent call the war a mistake and the White House thinks the more Senator Kerry has to explain his vote, the more anti-war Democrats might become disillusioned with his candidacy.

Dean and Nader supporters take note.