10 Nobel Winners Endorse Kerry

10 Nobel Prize winning economists issued a statement endorsing John Kerry yesterday.

The differences between President Bush and John Kerry with respect to leadership on the economy are wider than in any other Presidential election in our experience … President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility threatens the long-term economic security and prosperity of our nation.

They join the 48 nobel prize winners in the hard sciences who endorsed Kerry a few months ago. The full statement of the ten economists is here.

Unless I’m badly mistaken, Kerry is now ahead in the crucial Nobel Prize race by 58-0.


This is the end of my week as a guest blogger and I’ll be returning to my home blog. It’s been fun, especially because of the higher volume of comments here at Angry Bear. As someone who used to read sci.econ (a Usenet newsgroup), which wasn’t known for its strong signal to noise ratio, I’m continually amazed at the high quality of comments in the blogosphere, and for that matter, at the high quality of so many blogs.