The Real Deal

I’ve liked Obama — the “skinny kid with a funny name” — since I first took a closer look at him last March. His speech Tuesday night was truly great. Here’s the transcript, here’s the streaming video, and here’s where you can contribute to his campaign. That said, he’s currently unopposed, so you can probably find candidates who need your money more. I recommend watching rather than reading the speech, because it’s not nearly as powerful in print as it is when heard.

Speaking of contributions, we here at Angry Bear — Kash, PGL, me, and our readers — managed to raise $5,642 for John Kerry, which the Kerry website says ranks me 227th overall in the Kerry Points tally (you get points for gathering emails, hosting events, volunteering, and fundraising.) Thanks for all your contributions! (Special thanks to MP and LK.)

After the convention, Kerry, like Bush, will be using public money and so will not be allowed to accept contributions. So we’ll need a new cause here at Angry Bear. I’m leaning towards the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), but I’m also considering the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Any thoughts on which is more deserving?


UPDATE. It’s unanimous:

  • CalPundit: “Hey, that Obama guy is pretty good!”
  • Atrios: “I’ll just state the obvious — the rising star is exceeding even the inflated expectations.” Speaking of Atrios, he’s anonymous no more. Meet Duncan Black.
  • Digby: I just felt the hair on the back of my neck stand right on end. Obama is the real thing … He looks great, he sounds great — he is great.
  • Jesse, in his inimitable style:

    Besides watching Illinois Messiah (it was promised that he would ride into the Senate on a horse and an ass, praising the Cubs and Bears)… what else can you do? This man is not a future Senator. He’s a future President. Right now, I honestly believe that the Democratic Party, had it control of the Senate and a majority of legislatures, would start a push for a constitutional amendment to form the position Praetor Obama.

    You know how good this speech is? It will be on rap albums next year, during the tracks that are trying to be socially conscious.

    He entered this a star, he’s leaving a Clinton.

    Ezra agrees: “And then they gave him the keynote. And then he knocked it out of the park. Not only this park; it flew over Fenway, shot across state lines and landed somewhere in DC, on the White House’s front line.”