On the wages of these new jobs

The Kerry camp routinely sends out interesting news articles on the economy with the latest one being this discussion of the June jobs report.

OK, we all know payroll employment rose by only 112,00 (which had Jack Snow saying he NOW wants to look at the household survey increase – but only for THIS last month). But the interesting piece of news was towards the end:

Jobs were added last month in health care, social services, education, retail, hospitality and transportation. Employment in business services also grew, fueled by temporary employment firms. That category has added 306,000 new jobs since April 2003, providing some ammunition to Democrats and others that claim the recent surge in hiring occurred in lower-wage industries that provide no health care and few other benefits. Some economists agree. The economy is producing a higher share of jobs that pay less than the national average — 60 percent, compared to the jobs recovery in 1993, when about 54 percent could be considered lower-wage, said Sung Won Sohn, chief economist at Wells Fargo & Co. in Minneapolis.