I’ve made a few changes that will, hopefully, slightly improve your reading experience:

  • The archives are fixed (weeks after 5/14 had mysteriously stopped displaying).
  • I’ve replaced the FreeFind search engine with Google’s search engine. However, due to the failure of the archives, search engines were not finding entries from after 5/14. As soon as Google reindexes this site, which I think happens fairly often, you should find it much easier to find old posts. Right now, Google isn’t finding anything. If anyone has a recommendation for a better search option, please let me know.
  • Images now load on all pages, not just the main page.
  • The link to contribute to Kerry is gone. In its place, I’ve put a link to give to the DSCC. Since I think there’s a non-trivial chance that Democrats can retake the senate, but that it will be very close, this seems like a worthy cause. If you would like to recommend other worthy campaigns, let me know.
  • The top of the right panel now lists the ten most recent posts.