B and S

Those are the letters Chris Mathews and Pat Buchanan need to understand in order to tell “Osama” from “Obama”; learning those same letters could also help them understand the very things they utter. Here’s Mathews, and no, I’m not making this up:

MATHEWS: [Buchanan], … Would you rather have Obama or Osama as your key symbol of the campaign?

Yes, I’m omitting a bit of context, but the question, like Chris Mathews, is asinine.

Before that, Mathews also said, “What did you make of Osama — not Osama, but what did you make of Barack Obama?” Buchanan then replied with a brief Obama/Osama compare and contrast:

BUCHANAN: Well, look, what—Osama, with due respect, is reality, Chris. Obama last night was pleasant. He’s a very articulate young man. It says something good about America that this young man, African-American, can run for the Senate and maybe win big-time.

Sheesh. Mathews gets paid, well, for this crap.