Another Conservative Endorses Kerry

If I were more cynical, I’d read this post by Dan Drezner (rational conservative, free trader, Bush-Cheney 2000 advisor) as an indication that he’ll eventually endorse Kerry but hopes in the meantime to create more suspense and interest (and traffic?) by maintaining his perch atop the fence for a while longer. Or maybe I’m just being optimistic.


UPDATE: Matt Yglesias basically echoes my thoughts on Drezner’s position:

Meanwhile, Dan Drezner has apparently decided that becoming the blogosphere’s most prominent “on the fence” swing voter will get him a lot of attention (or, perhaps, a sub rosa promise of a job) because his latest reservation about John Kerry is so transparently silly that he’s obviously already made up his mind to back him. Kerry, it turns out, missed a lot of votes while on the campaign trail: