Lord Stanley hits the beach; Larry Brown goes Hollywood

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning the Stanley Cup! I really thought the Calgary Flames would take game 6 of the NHL playoffs but the Lightning found a way of beating the Flames in OT and then played a great game to win it all. If the Stanley Cup is to end up in western Canada, it will have to wait until next summer and it will have a nice tan.

Meanwhile here in Southern California on Saturday, Political Animal predicted the Lakers by 10. But the Pistons did what Larry Brown’s Sixers did a couple of years ago. Also picked to be sweeped by the Lakers, the Pistons like the Sixers did a couple of years ago enter Staples Center and shock the basketball world by winning game one. As the ESPN interviewer was reminding Brown of the parallels, the coach laughs and reminds us what the Lakers did in the next four games. Wonder if Political Animal will predict the sweep starts tonight?