Another Fafblog Hit

If they keep this up, I can stop writing original posts and just excerpt Fafblog posts and direct my readers over there.

See, like this:

… Look at Al Gore, and how ANGRY he is over the torturing of Iraqis in American-run prisons. Such rage and pessimism! Look at Michael Moore, and how FULL OF RAGE AND PESSIMISM over his country being sucked into a bloody war of choice! And look at dark, dour John Kerry, crackin’ a joke about his ass! About his rage-filled, pessimist ass. The ass… of HITLER.

In fact now that Giblets thinks about it, Hitler isn’t that much of a pessimist compared to John Kerry. In fact Hitler’s got a lotta can-do, optimistic gumption. “Sure, I can fight fend off the allies in the west and conquer Russia at the same time!” he says. “Sure, all my problems will be solved if I can just kill every last Jew, gypsy and homosexual in Europe!” he says. He set goals for himself – difficult goals – and then tried to reach for those goals. That’s some pie-in-the-sky thinkin’ there…

Then I say, “Read the rest.” I’ve got the formula down, but I’ll need to come up with a name that’s less unwieldly than “InstaAngryBear”.


P.S. For a little context, in case you missed it, see this International Herald Tribune story.