Bush’s poll numbers keep sinking. From the latest issue of Newsweek:

May 15 – As his administration grapples with the fallout from the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal, President George W. Bush’s approval ratings have dropped to 42 percent, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll, a low for his presidency. Fifty-seven percent say they disapprove of Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq. And 62 percent say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States, a number that has been steadily increasing since April, 2003, when it was 41 percent.

For some historical context on how these numbers may translate into an election outcome, see this post on The American Street. The Newsweek article goes on to note that Bush’s falling support has not translated into increasing support for Kerry. I’m not quite sure what the explanation for that is, other than the obvious – Kerry hasn’t inspired one-time Bush supporters, who may be disillusioned with the president but are not particularly attracted to Kerry, either. The crucial question is whether the Kerry campaign can change that.