Worth a Day Pass

James Moore in Salon on the media’s eager swallowing of the neocon/Chalabi tale, hook, line, and sinker, with a particular emphasis on the New York Times’ extraordinary gullibility:

When the full history of the Iraq war is written, one of its most scandalous chapters will be about how American journalists, in particular those at the New York Times, so easily allowed themselves to be manipulated by both dubious sources and untrustworthy White House officials into running stories that misled the nation about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The Times finally acknowledged its grave errors in an extraordinary and lengthy editors note published Wednesday.

And yes, Judith “From Chalabi’s Mouth to Your Eyes” Miller figures prominently, though not flatteringly.


UPDATE: Here’s a lovely quote from Ms. Miller, on her being proved a lying pawn:

“You know what,” she offered angrily. “I was proved fucking right. That’s what happened. People who disagreed with me were saying, ‘There she goes again.’ But I was proved fucking right.”

Perhaps I should have used “culpability” in lieu of “gullibility” to describe Miller’s and the Times’ role.