No Questions

Apparenlty, no matter how friendly the audience, Bush doesn’t feel like answering any questions:

In a 45-minute pep rally in a basement conference room under the West Front of the Capitol, Mr. Bush told more than 200 House and Senate Republicans that the United States was firmly committed to transferring power to the Iraqis on June 30 and insisted that the temporary government would not be under American control. Specifically, Mr. Bush told the group, according to House and Senate members in the meeting, that the new American ambassador to Iraq, John D. Negroponte, would not be a de-facto successor to L. Paul Bremer III, the top American civilian administrator in Iraq who is to step down from his duties on July 1.

Mr. Bush took no questions from the [all Republican] lawmakers

In the same story, this stands out as stunningly true:

Mr. Santorum said that Mr. Bush told the group that Mr. Negroponte would not be opening schools and hospitals.

Yes, indeed. I am quite sure that John Negroponte (see also, this) will most certainly not be opening any schools or hospitals.(*) I’m just surprised that Santorum and Bush would admit it so readily.


(*) No, death-squad training doesn’t count as “schooling.”