Is Rush Limbaugh Evil?

If you asked me on Friday I would have said “No, he’s not really evil. More of an opportunistic loud-mouth junkie with a talent for fooling and entertaining the dim-witted and foolhardy.” Digby, in a lengthy post that you should read all the way to the final paragraph’s evoking of images from the dramatic “I’m a nerd, too!” end to the first Revenge of The Nerds movie, goes a long way towards changing my mind.

In related news, Digby draws his source material from Media Matters for America, a new site run by David Brock and “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” Brock, for those who did not read Blinded by The Right, Brock was a former right-wing hit man who orchestrated the attacks on Anita Hill and was also behind many of the efforts to find people in Arkansas who would say bad things about Bill Clinton (in exchange for money and/or fame, of course.) Brock has since converted to the side of light and reason, but he has the history to know that of which he speaks when it comes to “conservative misinformation.”


P.S. I am a liberal and a Democrat, too.