Tomorrow’s Big Economic News

I’m referring to the release of the March employment report, which will be released by the BLS at 8:30am tomorrow (EST). This is what CNN/Money has to say about it:

Since at least November, there have been signs of a long-hoped-for jump in jobs, leading economists to make fairly rosy forecasts. And since November, those forecasts have been wrong, and job growth has disappointed.

Will March’s jobs data, due on Friday, finally be the moment when the loop is broken? Maybe not — though things could look a sight better than in February, when just 21,000 new jobs were added to a labor market of more than 130 million.

On Friday, the Labor Department prints the biggest economic report of the month, its measure of March’s unemployment rate and growth in non-farm payrolls. Economists, on average, expect unemployment to hold steady at 5.6 percent and non-farm payrolls to grow by about 123,000 new jobs, according to

Tune in tomorrow to find out if we’ve received a pleasant surprise, or been disappointed yet again by the US’s job market.