Tempest in a Blogspot

For those who are curious, Angry Bear has no plans to start accepting ads. I do however, plan to keep the contribute to Kerry link up ($2175 raised so far!) until either the convention or I think Kerry has enough money, at which point I’ll probably switch it to fund-raising buttons for individual Senate campaigns and/or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

For those who are easily confused, this means that I am endorsing them, not the other way around. In other words, the opinions expressed here are the respective author’s and not necessarily those of anyone who links to this blog (though they probably should be.)

If you have no idea why I’m making this disclaimer, but would like to know, then see Matt Stoller, Digby, Atrios, Kevin Drum, Mark Kleiman, Matt Y. (from whom I got the title of this post), and of course Kos.

Finally, note that while I don’t run ads, I see absolutely nothing wrong with other bloggers doing so.