Saddam’s WMD

Note: This is *not* a 4/1 joke.

Based on a story today, Saddam Hussein possessed half the components required to build a nuclear landmine based on 1950’s era British technology:

LONDON – A claim that Britain considered using live chickens in a nuclear weapon aroused skepticism Thursday, but officials insisted it was not an April Fool’s hoax.

“It’s a genuine story,” said Robert Smith, head of press and publicity at The National Archives.

The archives released a secret 1957 Ministry of Defense report showing that scientists contemplated putting chickens in the casing of a plutonium land mine.

The chickens’ body heat was considered a possible means of preventing the mine’s mechanism from freezing.

Here’s the half of the 50’s era British WMD system (found in the “area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat”) that Saddam had in his possession:

His scientists, however, were still having trouble with these parts:


P.S. Be careful when Googling for images of “little boy” without adding “+Nagasaki” or “+atomic.” The results are, sadly, not pretty. Who knows what watchlists I’m on now?