Connect the Dots

Max Sawicky connects the dots in the August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing. Definitely take a look.


UPDATE: Viq Digby, this transcript of Bush being interviewed over the PDB. At one point Bush says

“And you might recall the hijacking that was referred to in the PDB. It was not a hijacking of an airplane to fly into a building, it was hijacking of airplanes in order to free somebody that was being held as a prisoner in the United States.”

That sounds oddly like a statement that it’s ok to ignore threats of hijackings when the intent is to barter for prisoners: Had the PDB warned that planes would be hijacked and flown into buildings, we would have taken forceful action; since only regular hijackings were warned of, we didn’t take additional preventative measures. Is that really going to be the official line on this? Ok, then. But I don’t think it will work.