Bush to Discuss Iraq

The White House just announced that Bush will hold a press conference on Tuesday evening to discuss Iraq. That gives reporters 24 hours to come up with some good questions. Here’s my suggestion to get the ball rolling:

1. “Is the occupation of Iraq going about as you expected it, or has it been more difficult than you expected?”

2a. Follow-up to 1, if “about like I expected it”: “Why did you feel that there was no need to tell the American people that Iraq would still be dangerous, chaotic, and a significant drain on US taxpayer and military resources even after a full year of US occupation?”

2b. Follow-up to 1, if “more difficult”: “Why do you think we underestimated how difficult it would be to establish a stable regime in Iraq? Is it because we had poor intelligence, were over-optimistic, or because we’ve made mistakes while there? Who do you think it to blame for whatever errors were made?”