Umm, About That, …

When we said that no one expected terrorists to use planes as missiles, and when we said Bush never pressed Clarke to link Hussein to 9/11, we were, you know, just kidding. We’re big kidders, you see. Now where are those Gosh darn WMDS?

WASHINGTON – (KRT) – A member of the 9/11 commission said Friday that national security adviser Condoleezza Rice indicated in a private session she was wrong to have once stated no one expected terrorists to use planes as missiles.

The White House reportedly also backpedaled Friday on whether President Bush pressed counterterror czar Richard Clarke the day after the attacks to find evidence that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was involved.

Clarke claimed the meeting occurred in the White House Situation Room and presidential aides said earlier this week the meeting never happened.

But CBS News reported last night that White House aides now concede the meeting “probably” occurred.

Maybe they should just stop talking until they can get their stories straight.