Kerry’s Budget

This will contain some interesting information about Kerry, though probably very little that we couldn’t already guess:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Amid charges he has over-pledged on the campaign trail, Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry will detail “sooner rather than later” how he would halve the U.S. budget gap in four years, a top adviser said Tuesday.

“At some point — I think it will be fairly soon but I’m not sure when — Senator Kerry will put forward a comprehensive economic plan,” said Roger Altman, a top Treasury Department official under President Bill Clinton.

“I’m confident the deficit reduction part of that will be reliable, fully costed and consistent with his pledge to cut the deficit in half over four years,” Altman said.

The thing is, it won’t be that difficult to cut the deficit in half over four years, if a good chunk of the tax cuts are reversed. But the details of Kerry’s plan will still be worth taking a close look at, when it comes out.