Kerry/McCain 2004

I keep seeing this posted and emailed all over the place, probably because McCain didn’t exactly ridicule the idea:

“John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years,” McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. “Obviously I would entertain it.”

On the other hand, CalPundit reminds us, “… wouldn’t McCain first have to give up his position as a leader of Bush’s re-election campaign in Arizona….?”

For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents. I don’t particularly like McCain as VP unless he formally and vocally renounces his party — it’s like saying “yhere’s only one good Democrat (Kerry) and then we have to go to the Republicans to get a good candidate,” which is clearly not true. Plus McCain really is conservative; he simply has the redeeming virtue of being honest. Now McCain in a cabinet spot is another story — Homeland Security or Defense seem entirely reasonable to me. (However, both of those also have the drawback of being castable in an “only Republicans understand security” light. Still, Dems could reply with talk of bipartisanship and uniting, not dividing.)