I Doubt This Ad Will Resonate…

And I rarely give the public at large too much credit. Via Ryan Lizza’s Campaign Journal:

The ominous slow-motion footage comes about halfway through the 30-second ad. A female voiceover darkly warns about John Kerry’s agenda, charging, “On the war on terror: weaken the Patriot Act used to arrest terrorists and protect America.” On the left of the screen flash the words “John Kerry’s Plan.” On the bottom a red box warns, “Weaken Fight Against Terrorists.” If you look closely, on the right side of the screen you can see an airplane taking off.

The center of the screen is filled with three different rectangles of slow-motion video. In the top panel travelers at an airport study the arrivals and departures monitor. In the center panel there is a shadowed image of a person wearing a gas mask. And on the bottom there is a close-up of a swarthy, somewhat sinister-looking man with darting eyes who slowly turns toward the camera. He is clearly the terrorist in this scary montage.

We can call the swarthy man in the commercial Walid Ibn Horton. This commercial must have Ann Coulter wondering how to convey smell in a TV commercial (see also World ‘O Crap).


UPDATE: Now that I know who the swarthy fellow is, it all makes sense.