The South

Bill Maher’s HBO show is very good — either in spite of or because of his including both liberals and conservatives on the panels. If you like The Daily Show, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you will also like Real Time. He had a great line last night: after discussing Kay’s testimony and intelligence failures, he quipped [paraphrasing] “intelligence this bad and the only person who gets fired is me.”

It looks like Salon will be posting a brief highlight from each week’s “New Rules” segment. This week’s was on Southern voters:

…if Southerners don’t want to have an inferiority complex, I say, “Stop doing things that make reasonable people think you’re inferior!”

Like, getting rid of slavery was a good start. But don’t quit there: Stop being the place that’s always challenging the theory of evolution. What’s next, gravity? Is that just a plot by the Jews up North to get people to drop spare change?

Southerners need to let go of the Civil War, beginning with those reenactments. First of all, you’re reenacting something you lost. It’s one thing to gloat about victory — when you do it about losing, your front porch is a few couches short of being decorated.


P.S. I’m from Texas.