More Republican Science-Quashing

In the spirit of AB’s post about the Bush administration’s bastardization of science, allow me to draw your attention to this article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week, about the Ohio state board of education’s vote to teach a competing theory to evolution:

State panel backs disputed lesson, infuriates supporters of evolution

Columbus, 02/11/04: The State Board of Education gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a 10th-grade biology lesson that scientists say could put “intelligent design” in Ohio classrooms.

Setting aside an impassioned plea from the National Academy of Sciences, the board voted 13-4 to declare its intent to adopt the “Critical Analysis of Evolution” lesson next month.

You know you’re in trouble when in the very headline of the story you’re labeled a “supporter” of evolution, like it was a political party. I guess I also fall into the “supporter of gravity” camp.

Developments like these make me think that American workers will indeed soon lose their jobs to better-educated workers around the world, who are generally taught the virtues of reason, scientific inquiry, and factual evidence.