Mary Beth for Maine State Representative!

Wampum’s Mary Beth Williams is running for a seat in Maine’s state house. As the war-bloggers (and I) can attest, sitting around and typing about things that annoy you is fairly easy to do; actually doing something is tougher. Mary Beth will be a great progressive voice for Maine — she’s obviously very smart, cares deeply about important issues, and understands economics. As a bonus, I suspect that Mary Beth will use Dwight Meredith as a key advisor (from afar).

So if you can spare a few bucks, click on the Mary Beth Williams image in the left sidebar to contribute via PayPal. (Note: According to Maine law, all contributions over $10 cannot be anonymous, and contributions are limited to $250 per person.)

To my knowledge, in fact, Mary Beth is the first long-time blogger to run for office. Based on the details in this post, the primary is the real hurdle, not the general election. In a primary, a few thousand dollars is actually a lot of money, so give what you can. As an added incentive, I’ll match my readers’ contributions up to $100. Just end your contributions in .89 (for example, $9.89) so they’ll know it came from this blog and then they’ll send me the bill.


P.S. Olympia Snowe is up for reelection in 2006 and Susan Collins in 2008.