Conservative Economists Write a Letter

A group of economists, including “the presidents of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, the Pacific Research Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute as well as scholars at the Hoover Institution and the Manhattan Institute all signed the letter” are annoyed at the pro-regulation position of a certain political strategist:

“Your position on telecommunications deregulation is contrary to the views of the vast majority of free-market economists and policy analysts,” the letter states. “Your continuing advocacy of the pro-regulation position is destructive to the cause of limited government. To the extent your efforts are successful, the effect will be to reduce capital formation, slow job creation, impede productivity growth and stifle individual liberty and economic freedom.”

Question: To whom is the letter addressed? If you don’t already know the answer, you won’t guess in ten tries (it’s not Greenspan.)

Answer here.


UPDATE: An answer that doesn’t require registering for the WaPo site is here.